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#8 Dyed – Heavy Water Repellent (HWR)

We are proud to present a vibrant dyed stock program in the #8 Cotton Duck fabrics. This stock program is a little different than our Van Gogh (#8 Duck) Collection. The fabric has a firm hand, yet supple enough for easy cutting and sewing. The fabric is completely impregnated with a proprietary wax finish. There is no environmentally damaging fluoro-polymers or formaldehydes. The fabric is dyed with “reactive dyes” & has an exceptional wash fastness. Also, the fabric has a much durable water repellent finish.

Please check our F.A.Q section which answers most of the common questions you will have on our dyed fabrics. If you have a specific question, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you. The collection is presented as a slide show to you “as is” without any photo-shopping. The images match closely to the originals, but depending on the color settings on your monitor, it may vary a little. You can also pause and play the slide-show.

#8 Dyed Duck (18 Oz.), HWR, Dyed & Water Repellent – Finished width: 57/58″, Roll size: 50 yds. +/-.